UFI Dongle Crack v1.6.0.1 With Activation Key Download

UFI Dongle Crack is a protection software program that protects your Android and resets your phone. This is an effective and beneficial device that provides a fantastic and gorgeous provider for your Android phone.  It provides new and improved EMMC functionality with other technologies. This will help users identify problems and provide pet solutions to their phones.

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UFI Dongle looks like an antivirus because it protects your Android or computer from viruses. By setting up a UFI box, you can fix your software and hardware problems in seconds. It has the latest version. Which will provide you with exceptionally excellent tools for your mobile system.

UFI Dongle Crack
UFI Dongle Crack


Which will help you identify and fix all kinds of cellular problems? With this function, you can protect your phone from unauthorized people. Who wants access to your essential data.

With the EMMC activity of the UFI Box Loader, you can read and write defining data from EMMC users. In detail, it is a useful user search software. That will allow you to read EMMC data easily and customize it where you want.

This is an excellent partition for your EMMC data. EMMC’s UFI Box tool will enable you to perform excellent data storage. The UFI Box Android phone problem can be easily fixed.

You know, sometimes our phones are dead. And there is a problem with an app or other hardware while we are having this problem.

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UFI Box Without Box works with an excellent tool that will allow you to resize the EMMC you want. All your data is stored and managed via EMMC memory. So you can sort and sort data according to your search. You can organize data so that you can access it first every time you operate. The practical running application helps you on Android phones when you call; it means using it.

With help, listen to UFI BOX CRACK by simply inserting, updating, and formatting your EMMC data. With one click, you open EMMC and format user data. You can also delete some pieces of data. You can unlock the blocked phone and user code through this application.

UFI Box Crack is a complete invention for your mobile system. Read and write your code too. With this new product’s help, you will create a new password and a new model that is safer and easier. Additionally, it provides complete code reading tips and steps for writing code effectively. You can then fix the problem using your mobile IMEI serial number. The central theme of this tool is to help users change their serial number to new. Again select the old or new IMEI code and SIMS as new.

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The high-end UFI BOX software allows you to update the EMMC firmware on various mobile phones such as Samsung. Micron, Toshiba, Kingston, SK Hynix China phones, and other products. UFI Dongle With License Key Full support for software, which makes reading and boot1 and boot2 easier for users.

Lastly, just read the EXT CSD and take a look at your mobile test points. This means whether your test is good or not. You test your system as a whole or select a few mobile elements. Debrick Android devices on Intel (Lenovo, ASUS plus other) and Qualcomm (HSUSB 9008) devices.

UFI Dongle Crack
UFI Dongle Crack

You are flashing Mobile via Fast Boot Protocol or Firehose. Supports various firmware files, back up your data. This means you can protect your data when you start an operation on your phone. It has its storage. When you order a backup, Crack UFI Dongle stores all critical data in its memory area. After flashing, you can restore your data to the original location where it was saved.


  • It has its software and doesn’t need the help of other software.
  • It shows the display of the phone, which is accessible for all users to understand.
  • It’s a technically advanced piece of software that doesn’t require any configuration.
  • This is a faster tool than other boxes. It uses 8 bits at super speed.
  • Software to support the EMMC IC database.

Hardware function:

  • Fast speed USB 2.0 (480 Mbit / s)
  • The final design and build use of the LDO voltage current and other auxiliary power sources for gain.
  • Store your online system in a safe place with a Java smart card.
  • It has a multi-protocol with 20 and many IO pins.
  • Full speed USB host
  • Manage current protection.

UFI dongle function:

  • Free software for world composers on multiple platforms.
  • It works independently and has a simple and straightforward user interface.
  • UFI Dongle Crack has integrated online storage and security tools
  • Make a repair plan and upgrade your phone.
  • The sync file function.
  • Repairing fixes your problem with errors, etc.


  • Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit).
  • Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32 bit). USB data cable.
  • Windows 7 Home (32 bit). Intel Core 2. Windows 7 Ultimate Processor (32 Bit).
  • Windows 10 Final (64 Bit), Windows 8.1 Professional (64 Bit), Windows 7 Ultimate (64 Bit), and Windows 8 Professional (64 Bit). ISP V2 UFi Adapter.
  • USB data cable for the computer to mobile.

How to Download & Activate?

  1. Please read the full description of UFI Dongle Crack and download it from our link.
  2. Then use WinRAR to get the latest version of UFI Dongle Crack.
  3. Then run UFI Dongle Crack as administrator and wait.
  4. Accept the UFI dongle cracking requirements and hit the next button.
  5. Open license settings and copy the license key from the crack patch settings.
  6. Now enter the key. Finally, click on the Done button and revel in it.
  7. Open the installed software and connect your mobile computer with a USB cable.
  8. It shows many options like repair, changes in IMEI and Flash, and many more.